Men's Eyeliner & How Do I Apply it?

Eyeliner for men is just one of the products we men can use to enhance our eyes appearance.  Eyeliner helps to emphasize the eyelids and to draw attention to your eyes.

In today's society where we share pictures on social media and where image is so much more at the forefront, than it was 10 years ago, many men and male celebrities alike (i.e. Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Russell Brand, Johnny Depp to name a few) are choosing to wear makeup to cover up blemishes and imperfections and eyeliner to call attention to their eyes for that subtle pop and/ or seductive look.  

However for many men defining their eye area can sound daunting, especially if they aren’t used to wearing makeup, or they are experimenting with makeup for the first time, or they are not sure how to apply it.  But it doesn't have to damage your masculine appearance, just enhance it and thankfully guy’s, courtesy of our latest blog, we’ll showing you how to apply your men’s eyeliner in four simple steps:

Step 1 - Choosing The Right Eyeliner For Your Desired Look.

For many men this can be very daunting, Which color do I choose?  What look am I going for? Nooooooooooo!! Getting this step right is the key to you feeling confidence and looking great, while rocking your new eyeliner look.  There are many different shades available on the market today, though many man tend to stick with the traditional black or brown shades, most feel black give them the desired look they want to achieve,  however if it more a natural finish you desire then brown works best, whichever shade you decide choose a eyeliner kohl pencil or a liquid eyeliner for men for the best effect, as these smudge really well.  

Step 2 - Applying Your Chosen Eyeliner - Upper

Start with the upper lashes, pulling the skin tight at the corners for safety and a smooth finish.  If applying a liquid eyeliner for men begin in the middle of your eye, working toward the outer corner of your eye, applying a thin line close to your eyelashes in short, slow strokes. Once you have achieved this go to the inner corner for the eye, keeping the skin tight and slowly work toward connecting the line.   

If applying a kohl pencil eyeliner for men, again ensure that the skin around your eye is pulled tight from the outer corners for safety.  To achieve a shape and precise line ensure that the eyeliner pencil has a sharp tip, if not sharpen using a eyeliner pencil sharpener to your desired point.  Begin at the outer corner of the eye, close to your eyelashes, working across with slow strokes to the inner corner of the eyes.   .

Step 3 - Applying Your Chosen Eyeliner - Lower

Just as you did in step two repeat this for the lower eyelashes.  Ensuring safety and tight skin for a smooth sharp finish.

Step 4

For the final step on applying your mens eyeliner and achieving that natural seductive look, apply a small amount of liner to each corner of the eyes, working the product finely in these areas, to prevent a buildup of gunk throughout the day or during your night out.